DivorcEnomics™ and Family Law

What is DivorcEnomics™ and how is it important for you? DivorcEnomics™ is our proprietary decision analysis method. Specifically, DivorcEnomics™ finds value in concealed human behavior. This system is more about a method than it is a product. Traditional law will approach a legal issue in family law something like this: identify the issues, look up the law, develop evidence and present the case in hopes that you can convince a judge or both sides to reach a fair resolution. We take the same approach but add a bit of spice to it. Our approach is used for family law cases including but not limited to divorce, custody and child support cases.

The spice we add comes from decision making theory which spans psychology, mathematics, science and economics. We help clients recognize their objectives and the options for meeting those objectives. Often times what a person believes to be their desired outcome is actually not the most rational option based on the science of the situation. This often helps our clients master the art of rational decision making. However, more than helping clients in making tough decisions we use our approach to advocate to judges with rational, scientifically based options.

Doesn’t it make sense to go before a judge and tell the judge that one option for an outcome is 70% more likely to be a better outcome than the option the other side is offering? That is what DivorcEnomics™ works to do. Take math and science principles and apply those principles in the context of law. To learn more about DivorcEnomics™ contact us at info@JusticeLegalGroup.com or call us at 505-880-8737.

***If you are an attorney or custody expert looking to get certified in our DivorcEnomics™ approach then contact us at info@JusticeLegalGroup.com .