Domestic Violence

Recent news stories and events have shed more light on the horrific circumstances of domestic violence. Unfortunately, domestic violence is an area of law that is filled with pitfalls. For victims, it’s very challenging and difficult to go through a process whereby a victim must face an abuser. The fear, intimidation and frustration that occurs with the concepts of due process for victims of domestic violence requires a strong advocate who can protect the rights of the victim.

That is what Justice Legal Group does. We stand strong for victims of domestic violence throughout New Mexico. We speak for those who have no voice because of the abuse that occurs behind closed doors. Moreover, we understand that not all domestic violence leaves scars that are visible. As such, we use our knowledge and legal skills to advocate for victims in a manner that uses the law as a shield for those who need protection.

On the other hand, most people agree that the domestic violence statutes have ambiguities that open the door to abuse of the process. Often times, the domestic violence system is used as a destructive tool to keep a parent away from their chld(ren). In order to get an upper hand in litigation one party will claim domestic violence.

The court, under our system, will then grant an ex parte order (meaning issuing a restraining order without any hearing that lasts for 10-20 days). During this time, the alleged abuser is kicked out of the house and prohibited from seeing the children. Of course, there is a lot of incentive to misuse and abuse this system.

As a result, the Justice legal Group has been called upon to fight for the rights of those wrongly accused. We take our duty seriously. We don’t allow the manipulation of one party to permanently impact or effect the rights of the other parent. This requires tough, aggressive representation. Thus, whether you find yourself needing a protector from an abuser or whether you need protection from a manipulative spouse/partner, the Justice Legal Group has the experience and knowledge to help you. Contact us throughout New Mexico at 505-880-8737 or email us at

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