We Work with Moms

Mom with infant

As a mother, you hold a special place in the life of your child. Your ability to connect, nurture and understand your child is an innate quality that makes you a necessary and integral aspect of your child’s life. Unfortunately, family matters sometimes work to disrupt that special bond between a mom and child. Matters such as divorce and separation can reek havoc on what a child needs in his/her life. We know that you understand the importance of dad, but the role dad fills is not the same as mom.

For that reason, we are committed to helping mothers throughout the state get the justice they deserve when it comes to family court and custody cases. We know and understand that impact of a mother and that special place a mother holds. This is why our attorneys are specially trained to handle complex custody cases involving mothers. Too often men try and use the child as a pawn in their own twisted and confused game. They know that you’ll do anything for your child. They know that you’ll protect that child with all of your being and emotion. This is why we work diligently to protect mothers against false claims for custody.

Just because a father doesn’t want to pay child support is no reason that they should usurp the legitimate power and insight of a mother. We undertake our responsibilities in protecting that mother child bond very seriously and that is why we employ a strategy that is unique to your specific situation and case. In a general sense, we first assess the objectives of you, the mother. Then we work to create a strategy that includes in court and out of court steps that solidify your standing and commitment as a mother. We then take the foundation from these strategies and create the evidence that is needed to aggressively represent you in court.

Ultimately, our approach to each individual case is designed to tell a story…your story…to the court. When you need help with your custody situation and want to protect your rights as a mother then contact the custody experts at Justice Legal Group.

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