Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

It’s difficult to assess the total attorney fee cost associated with a case without first speaking to a person face to face. This is because some cases require the use of experts while other cases can be negotiated less expensively through a mediation process. Every case is different. The key is to find out how much you will pay as a retainer and how much the hourly fees are. We have created a conditional logic tool to help people estimate their costs. This isn’t a definitive guide, but it gives you an idea. We want to meet with people so that they feel comfortable understanding the fee structure. If you would like to test our cost tool, simply email us at and we will email you a link.

How do you communicate?

Every case is unique. We take steps to avoid court when possible, but, if court is necessary, then we work to get final decisions quickly. Many attorneys unnecessarily run up bills with letter writing that does nothing but spend money without accomplishing anything. We are about results and we make every effort to finalize a case as quickly as possible.

How long will it take?

We found that many clients want continuity, and we strive to provide that for our clients. We also recognize that different attorneys in our firm bring different attributes to each case. There is always one key attorney overseeing the case, but we utilize case strategy and strengths to provide a team approach to each and every case. Thus, we believe our approach to each case is what sets us apart.

How are you different from other firms and attorneys?

We provide many means of communication. We understand that many complaints about lawyers is how inaccessible they are and how poor of job they do in communicating about a case. We strive to return calls within 24 hours and respond promptly to emails. We utilize a secure client portal to make sure that clients have access to their documents. We find that all of these gateways allow for open and effective communication about your case and concerns.

Do you do contingency fee agreements?

According to our state ethical rules, we are not allowed to take family law cases on a contingency basis. What this means is that for a family law case we cannot charge depending on the outcome of the case or a hearing. That is why we charge a retainer (the amount set after our attorneys determine the complexity).

How fast can you work?

We pride ourselves on a very quick turnaround time. That is why we have so many people coming to us for assistance. When we take a case you won’t find yourself waiting for weeks to speak to your attorney or for the preparation of your documents. We work fast and diligently to bring resolution to your situation.

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