We Work with Dads

Father helping young child

Do you ever feel like a second class citizen when it comes to your rights as a parent? You’ve heard all the rhetoric before, “There is no favoritism towards the mom.” However, the actions of years of experience, your friends and your own story paints a different picture. That is why our custody expert attorneys have helped countless of fathers throughout New Mexico get the justice they deserve when it comes to their custody rights. As a father you know the struggles associated with trying to co-parent with another parent who wants to keep you out of the child’s life.

You struggle to work hard, earn a living for your child and do what is right but at every turn your hard work is turned into a negative. Maybe they call you a “dead-beat dad?” Maybe they just want your money? Maybe they don’t think you can handle the responsibility of parenting? Even in this day and age it is amazing how much fathers must struggle to be included in the lives of their children. Study after study shows the importance of having a father in a child’s life. Despite society’s lip service to the importance of fathers, the real life experience of countless dads speaks otherwise. For this reason, our custody expert attorneys take a hands on, aggressive approach to protecting you and your child’s rights. To do these we create a case designed for court but also inclusive of out of court conduct.

This strategy assists in creating the evidence that is needed to ensure the rights of custody to a child. As a father you are not a second class citizen. You are entitled to have an equal say in your child’s life. A father is equally important in the life of a child and a father contributes so much more than money. In fact, we tell fathers everyday that child support is so much more than the check you give. Child support is being there for them at games, school, practices, and when they need the confident wisdom that comes from fatherly advice.

Do not sell yourself short just because you are a dad. Your role is important. Your role is key and we are dedicated to ensuring that you get your custody rights. When you need help with your custody situation and want to protect your rights as a father then contact the custody experts at Justice Legal Group.

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