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Grandparents with grandchild

As a grandparent you look forward to the day when you can take your grandchild for ice cream or swing at the park. Those precious times when you connect one on one with your grandchild. You’ve done your duty as a parent. You raised your child and now, as you move to a new season in life, you look forward to the joys associated with grand-parenting. Unfortunately, for many grandchildren their interaction with grandma and/or grandpa is limited by the poor choices of their parents.

In New Mexico we adhere to the parental rights doctrine. This doctrine states that it is the presumptive rule that it is in the best interests of children to reside in the care, custody and control of a biological parent. Nevertheless, in this day and age many parents are either unable or unwilling to care for their biological children in a way that defines the “best interests” of that child. Additionally, many parents use their children as a pawn when it comes to their relationship with the grandchildren.

We usually see this play out in a way where grandma and grandpa are prohibited from seeing the grandchildren unless they give money to the parents. This is nothing more than selfish manipulation that has very little to do with the welfare of the child and everything do to with the parents. Too often situations like these arise from parents who are unemployed or abusing substances such as drugs and alcohol. This is why the Justice Legal Group has a long history of fighting for the best interests of children and families. Grandparents are indeed important and should not be made to feel hostage to a parent who is abusing his/her role as parent for the sake of selfish gain. We have been involved in cutting edge cases before the New Mexico Court of Appeals that define the very rights of grandparents throughout New Mexico.

We know grandparents. We know custody and we know what it takes to position a grandparent for the best possible outcome and relationship with your grandchild. When you are wanting a relationship with your grandchild and know that they need protection then contact the custody experts at Justice Legal Group.

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