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When taking on any new case, the first, and we believe, most important step is getting to know our client. This helps to establish a genuine connection, forms a long-standing relationship, and initiates a foundation of trust. For these reasons and more, we believe that it’s equally as important for you to get to know us—which is exactly what we aim to do through the form below!

In a series of pictures and text, you’ll learn all about Justice Legal Group and how we’ve come to be Albuquerque’s leading family law firm. From our founding and history to our team of lawyers, you’ll discover what sets us apart from other law firms, and why we’re the right choice for your family.

Additionally, you’ll learn about our current processes and fees, why we’ve chosen to put them into practice, and ultimately, why they’re integral to the success of your case.

At the end, we hope it’s evident why Justice Legal Group has been trusted by Albuquerque for over 20 years, and more importantly, if you’re ready to pursue a family law case, we hope you too will trust in the demonstrated expertise of our unmatched legal team.

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