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Our firm is committed to serving the legal needs of families & veterans in New Mexico. We are different from other law firms and lawyers. To us, you are not just another number. We take innovative approaches to legal issues that impact on the lives of our clients. We do not take every case. We only help those who are willing to work with us as part of a team. A team dedicated to achieving the lasting results that you need. When you need Justice, contact the Justice Legal Group!

When there is more to lose than a car or house, you need justice. It is important you have someone you can count on. Someone with the experience and willingness to advocate for you and your child. You need someone with a clear head to navigate you through your custody battle. Justice Legal Group has years of experience with custody cases, meaning we can effectively guide you through the custody process, every step of the way.

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Albuquerque Child Support Attorney

Are you feeling the pinch of child support? Get the justice you deserve. You do have options when it comes to fighting an overbearing child support obligation. While supporting your child is the legal duty of parents, we recognize that this duty applies to both parents and must be done in a fair manner. Too often people are labelled as “deadbeats” when there is so much more to the story. We know this because we have helped countless people overcome an oppressive child support obligation. Don’t be taken advantage of. Get the justice you need!

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Domestic violence is a hot button topic for politicians. While the horrors of abuse plague our state, another form of abuse happens every day. There is very little attention or coverage regarding the ongoing false claims of domestic violence used by people to try and gain the upper hand in a divorce or custody situation. That is why you need a team who is knowledgeable about this problem and is willing to stand up for your rights. Don’t become a victim of the system. Get the justice you deserve.

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Our expert attorneys can help navigate the complex legal proceedings that occur in child support, custody issues, VA disabilities, personal injury, and many more types of cases.