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We are dedicated to fighting for the rights of veterans so they get what they deserve for their service-connected disabilities. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge in everything from filing the notice of disagreement to appealing to the Board of Veteran’s Appeals. Qualifying conditions include PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, Persian Gulf War-Related Illness, or Agent Orange Compensation. With our years of combined experience, we are prepared to provide the best representation possible.

Personal Injury

Often people think that the worst will not happen to them, causing them to not know how to react. Unexpected accidents can be life altering, with unfair consequences due to someone else’s negligence. These can happen anywhere from a workplace accident to a car crash that results in a wrongful death of a loved one. When you need representation for Personal Injury, consider our years of experience to help you.

Family Law

Family law is very complex and requires years of experience to master topic areas like dissolution of marriage, adoption, child abuse, alimony, custody issues, and more! This means it is often very stressful and challenging to navigate through the matter while trying to work with the emotional stress it causes. At Justice Legal Group, we take pride in helping families get through complex courtroom proceedings.

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Your case is not just a number on a page. We recognize that your legal issues are an integral part of your life that need to be handled appropriately and efficiently. We look to create personal relationships that will last a lifetime.

The Justice Legal Group has handled a multitude of legal matters throughout New Mexico and the United States. As a result of our vast experience we commit ourselves to standing with each and every client throughout the legal process. At every step of the way we work diligently to direct you towards the best resolution possible of your legal matter.

Choose the right attorney to get the right results. We have the experience needed to get the job done in areas like veteran affairs, personal injury and family law. Our unique approach to legal matters means that we can dedicate ourselves to achieving the results you seek. While we can never make a guarantee of an outcome, we can guarantee to give you the best possible approach to securing the resolution you want and need.

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