The top 5 worst answers on why you want custody

Over the years our firm has represented hundreds of individuals who were fighting for custody. During that time we have gathered the top 5 worst answers to the question “Why do you Want Custody?” Here are the top five worst answers.

1. I want to get back at my ex—using the child as a pawn is one of the best ways to ensure continuing conflict, lots of attorney fees and irreparable harm to your child. Your child is an innocent bystander. Love your child because it’s your child not because it will make your ex mad.

2. I don’t want to pay child support—while support and custody are intertwined, using the custody card to fight child support will entrench the other side and eventually your true colors will show. There are other, better options for fighting the child support issue.

3. My family expects me to do it—Some people feel the pressure from family. While it is admirable that family wants to keep in touch with your child, make the decision your own and not that of your family.

4. This is what I’m supposed to do—We’ve seen people fight for custody simply because it’s what they are supposed to do. This is like shooting in the dark. Know why you want custody and develop that reason for the benefit of your child and not the benefit of others.

5. It will help me get out of work—Using your child as an excuse—never permissible

Don’t fall into the trap of these worst excuses. Instead, develop your own reasons why you want to be involved with your child’s life.