Child Support – A Silent Killer

There are lots of politically correct issues out there. Child support is one of them. Of course children need support. Of course both parents are obligated for that support. These are things we can all agree upon. However, the issue of child support goes much deeper. Unfortunately, if you are paying the child support, justice isn’t always on your side. Child support is a legal obligation that can kill your finances. This isn’t because you don’t love your child and want to support the child. Instead, the real problem comes because there is no accountability for how the money is used. The presumption is that the custodial parent will use the support to help the child. While it is true that child support can be used to help pay for necessities, too often a paying parent sees the support being used to continue litigation or to fund a lifestyle that is beyond what is expected under the law. We know you want what is best for your child, but that does not mean it has to fund the partying and lifestyle of the mother while the child isn’t given all the benefits of the support. That is why we work identify ways to ensure child support accountability. This happens through arguments on custody and other equitable arguments like waiver or deviation from guidelines. Don’t let child support be the silent killer for you. Get the justice you deserve and contact us at or call us at 505-880-8737.