Why You Should Think About Sex

No not that kind of sex. What we are talking about is your gender. Male/Female. Why should you think about your sex? Because no matter what anyone says there is an inherent bias when it comes to male/female roles in family court. For years people, mostly men, have complained that they aren’t treated the same as women when it comes to custody cases. What about the phrase “Deadbeat Dads.” Do you ever hear anything in the media about “deadbeat moms?” What about domestic violence claims. While domestic violence is a horrible scourge on society, how many times do you hear of the false claims being filed in order to get an upper hand in a custody case?

These are the realities of the current family court system. That is why you should think about it. If you are a man, think about your strategy in your case and how you have to overcome some inherent bias. If you are a female, think about how your sex can be used to your advantage. Despite what the law says and what any politician says, the reality is that sex does matter in family court. If you want to discuss more how your sex can impact on your case contact us at info@JusticeLegalGroup.com.