The Role of Therapists in Custody Cases

By the time most custody disputes get to the point of court there has been a lot of bad blood and hard feelings. As a result a bit of therapy is often prescribed by the courts in order to help all involved, especially the children, to cope with the challenges associated with a custody case. While therapy is a positive process that allows families an outlet for the aggressive adversarial process, therapists are also a key component to the custody case. Judges and experts are so used to each side saying all the dirt and bad things against each other that they have to rely on more neutral professionals. Very frequently you will find custody evaluators communicating with therapists to get the real scoop on things.

Therefore, you need to be aware of the fact that your therapist is not so “protected” from the litigation as you’d hope for. This means one of two things. You either must approach your therapy time with an understanding that the information you share will be part of the custody fight or decide to use that time to fashion facts to your benefit. This can be a real challenge. Especially for someone who could benefit from unfettered therapy.

Nevertheless, it’s the reality of our current situation. That is why you need to proceed with caution and understand the role of therapists in a custody dispute. For more information on how to handle this delicate situation email us at or call us at 505-880-8737.