Supervised Visitation

The most extreme circumstances call for supervised visits. Situations that involve long absences of one parent, sexual abuse, domestic violence and drug abuse are often cited as reasons for protecting a child. While such factors are important there are two considerations for you to make when faced with a supervised visitation situation.

First, does the circumstance that warrant supervised visits negatively impact on parenting. This may seem obvious, but in reality it is not. Let’s say a person has a problem with alcohol. If, however, the child has no clue that the parent drinks alcohol and it doesn’t impact on the parenting is that really a basis for supervised visits?

The second consideration is what circumstances will lead to overturning supervised visits. Remember that supervised visits aren’t meant to be permanent. Instead, there are calculated steps a parent can take to get rid of the circumstances that created the supervised visits in the first place.

If you approach the issue of supervised visits with an understanding of these two factors you will be stronger in the end for what you want to accomplish. If you have questions about supervised visits contact us at or call us at 505-880-8737.