The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Do you remember this children’s tale? The boy who kept crying wolf only to be faced with skepticism when a real wolf did come? Well, at the risk of not being politically correct, this adequately describes many domestic violence cases today. Do not get me wrong. Domestic violence is a horrible problem. It is not right and causes so much hurt. However, just as equally devastating are unwarranted domestic violence claims. Too often domestic violence is used as a means of gaining an upper hand against someone who wants to win custody or to kick their spouse out of the house. It is a cheap, quick way to get what you want, even if the allegations are false. What is the recourse then? There is usually very little a person can do. Domestic violence allegations carry with it so many consequences. It impacts on a parents rights to custody, right to occupy their house, their right to firearms and possible employment opportunities. There are so many consequences, including, possible criminal actions, that arise from false allegations. That is why you must make sure you fight false allegations properly. One misstep could have damaging repercussions for years to come. Take the time to get the information you need. Arm yourself with knowledge. You usually only get one try at it so make it good. If you want to discuss any false allegations against you then get the justice you deserve by contacting us at