Now is the Time for Custody

It may seem like the year just started but now is the time to start planning any changes in custody that you want. Courts are very reluctant to move children from school during a semester. What this means is that the best time for relocation, custody changes, changes in school or time sharing changes can occur in the summer months. Changes of this nature usually do not occur in a simple one time hearing. Courts are slow to act. This means you must plan accordingly.

Generally, it will take about 30 days to get a hearing. Thus, if you filed your motion in February to change custody or relocate then your first hearing will occur, most likely, in March. The Court will then develop a strategy for determining the best interest of the child. This usually means a custody evaluation, a Guardian ad Litem or a trial. This will, at a minimum, take another 60-90 days. As you can see, on this time table, a major custody issue will be addressed sometime in the summer. This is precisely the time the courts look at for making these changes. This means you must start acting now to get the best chance of getting the outcome you are after.

Changing custody or making major custody changes need to be planned and strategize. Let us help you in developing your child custody strategy in Albuquerque by contacting us at or by calling us at 505-880-8737.