It’s Never To Early to Think About Vacation

Who doesn’t like a good vacation. We dream of time off work. We dream of sandy beaches. We dream of relaxation. We all want and need a vacation. However, most of us plan a vacation only a few weeks in advance. When it comes to your child that is a huge mistake.

Consider your summer vacation now. Here’s a break down of why it’s important. Maybe your parenting plan already provides for vacation time. If so, make plans well in advance so you do not run up against time constraints and conflicts with the other parent’s schedule. Moreover, if you were to file a motion now for vacation time you would have to wait approximately 30 days to get a hearing. If you get a decision at that hearing that will put you in March/April time frame to start planning for May/June vacation. Many places start filling up. However, if the court needs more information on vacation time then your actual decision could be delayed even further with another 60 or 90 days expiring before you find out if you can go on vacation.

Do not delay but plan today! If you would like more information on planning a vacation in a custody case then contact us at or call us at 505-880-8737.