How Custody Issues Impact on Parenting

Custody issues impact tremendously on parenting concerns. There are two main impacts that a custody issue has on a parent’s approach to parenting. By recognizing the impact that custody issues have on parenting you can better achieve the results you seek for yourself, your case and your family.

The first impact that a custody issue has on parenting is on how you interact with the other parent. During the challenges of a custody case you feel that your life is under a microscope. The cleanliness of your house, the appropriateness of your decisions, and even the manner in which you speak all come under scrutiny. This certainly is seen very clearly in how you are interacting with the other parent. Often the other parent becomes (incorrectly) the “enemy.” This means that you make decisions and act in ways that are sure to influence (either positively or negatively) the other parent. Be aware of this situation and how it impacts on your decisions. Often the decisions are used during the course of a case. Being aware of this fact can help you better plan and strategize for the future.

The other way in which custody issues impact on parenting is how you interact with your child. When you are faced with a custody case you often find yourself being more lenient, forgiving or even apprehensive around your child. This can prove disastrous. It is an open door for having the child “play” you and the other parent against each other. Make sure that your parenting decisions are in line with your parenting philosophies and not made for the sake of the custody case. Otherwise, you will be creating a child who feels that they can control the parenting decisions because they “know” that you need their love and affection.

By recognizing these two very large and real impacts arising from a custody case, you will better position yourself for understanding and success in the court room. We believe that 90% of your custody case occurs and is won outside the courtroom. Contact our child custody experts to find out other ways you can use these situations to your advantage in your custody case. You can reach us at or by calling 505-880-8737.