Reasons You Need to Win Custody

The most obvious reason you want to “win” custody is because you want to positively impact and enjoy your relationship with your child. However, there are a lot of other reasons why you should be concerned about winning your custody case. Many of these reasons are issues you probably never even considered. By understanding these reasons you will better position yourself for happiness and fulfillment. So, here are the reasons you need to win custody.

1. It impacts on child support. The more time you have legally with your child the less you pay in child support. This impacts on your bottom line financially!

2. You become the point of contact. Whether it’s school issues/concerns, sporting events or other extracurricular activities, by winning custody you will become the de facto point of contact for day to day decisions. This ultimately creates a situation where you can influence your child’s life in a more constructive manner.

3. You get more time. This is obvious, but the more time you spend/have with your child the greater your influence, impact and level of happiness and success in raising your child into a productive adult.

4. You can plan more. Think about holidays, vacations, special events (ie: graduations, parties, etc). When you win custody you get more of an opportunity to enjoy these special life moments more frequently.

5. You can plan your child’s health. The more your child is with you the more you have an impact on their health care. This is because most doctor and dentist appointments will occur during the time that you can control. Knowing first hand what the doctor/dentist is saying is key to maintaining healthy children.

6. More intangibles. How do you put a price on hearing your child say “I love you.” Or tucking them into bed. Or eating breakfast with them or whatever the situation may be that counts as positive life moments. That is virtually impossible. That is why there are a lot of intangibles that you probably never considered that occur at different ages of your child that are important reasons in and of themselves for winning custody.

These reasons as well as others offer many reasons why you should win custody. This means be diligent, consistent and intentional in your custody case. To talk with one of our custody experts about your custody case and how you can win contact us at or by calling us at 505-880-8737.