The Cost and Price of Child Custody

There is a price to be paid for a child custody case. There is also a cost to a custody case. Notice that we use both price and cost. They are not the same. Let’s explain.

The price of a child custody case can usually be measured by the dollars you spend to obtain the outcome or defend yourself from malicious claims. This price may carry over into other realms, such as criminal law if such issues are pertinent. Those dollars spent become the price you paid for the custody case. The cost, on the other hand, are not measured in dollars. The cost involves a whole lot of other considerations. Things like…the length of time a case will take, the amount of work you have to miss for court hearings, the emotions associated with a custody case, the impact on the child, the impact on your own life, the involvement of private issues, etc.

We discuss the price and the cost of a custody case when we develop our personalized strategy form for our clients. Each client we work with is given an personalized, individualized strategy plan pertaining to their case. This plan will take into consideration what the family wishes to accomplish and then develop different options for securing that outcome. This process involves discussion of price and cost.

To help families plan we developed an app that is based on conditional logic. The app will respond to your inputs. Thus, you can obtain some information and assess the costs and price of a custody case. To get this free app, simply email us at or call us at 505-880-8737 and ask for the “Cost app.” We will email you the link for your use!