Custody Cases Involve Financial Issues

Everyone knows that when you are involved in a child custody case that finances become a key consideration. Part of handling a custody case, however, is to be aware of the financial issues and how those issues can impact on the outcome of the case. Consider an army going into a battle. The general must know the strategy to be used in the battle in order to properly plan for the length of the battle, the severity of the battle and the twists and turns of the battle. Likewise, in a custody case the financial issues in a custody case are an important aspect of properly planning your strategy for winning. Here are three key financial considerations for a custody case.

1. Length of the case: A major financial consideration is how long the case will take and the financial resources needed to see it through. Many families become “battle” weary as cases drag on as a result of the litigation. However, those who are able to withstand this fatigue usually find success. That is why we outline the length of time considerations during our strategy planning so that if fatigue becomes an issue we can turn the strategy in a direction that will meet the need of the client.

2. Impact on support: An often overlooked aspect of a custody case is the impact that the custody will have on support obligations. The amount of time a parent spends with a child impacts on the amount of child support due. Moreover, that, in turn, impacts on spousal support. There are so many related consequences associated with custody that a full understanding of the intended and even unintended consequences is important to consider.

3. Ability to win custody. By this we mean a consideration for whether a parent can actually perform the custody obligations that they desire. If a single, young mother with no education wants to remain staying at home while the child goes to school all day, does this make sense in the custody case? The point is, whether we like it or not, as a parent do you have the ability to support the child at the level of custody you seek?

These three considerations are important when it comes to understanding the consequences associated with a custody case. Make sure you are spending time considering such factors. To help you understand the full impact of important financial issues and how it will impact on custody we created an app that allows you to see on an interactive basis why various financial considerations might be important for the custody issues. If you would like to interact with the app please email us at and ask for the financial app and we will email you the link. You can also reach out to our custody experts by emailing us at or calling 505-880-8737.