How To Create Evidence for a Custody Case

A key to “winning” a custody case is to make sure you have a well developed plan. Part of what we do to help families during the challenging times of a custody case is to develop such a plan. One aspect of any plan we develop on custody issues is that of information gathering/evidence building. While there are many aspects to a custody strategy along with unique details for each case, one thing remains certain…you must have evidence to win.

Under the law, the court considers multiple factors associated with making a custody determination. One such factor includes a consideration of which parent will most likely foster a relationship between the child and the other parent (ie: read…which parent won’t alienate the child from the other parent). Moreover, which parent is more willing to effectively co-parent. To address this important concern we work with our clients to start creating this evidence.

One way of doing this is to create what we call an olive branch letter. An Olive branch letter is a letter designed to show the court and the other parent that you are interested in the important aspect of co-parenting. We use this letter to ask pointed, important questions about the child. Questions that we know the court will ask about. These questions are designed to gather information so that you, as the parent, can take your parenting skills and, thus your custody case, to another level.

We created a beneficial app that helps parents formulate this important letter for information gather and litigation preparation. You can work through the important aspects of this letter by emailing us at Ask for the “Letter for Information” app and we’ll send you this free link. It is an app based on conditional logic so your answers to the questions will guide you through the app and creating this letter that you can use.

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