Do You Ever Get Enough?

Custody issues are some of the most complex issues in the legal world. This is because so much discretion is given to the judge to decide what is in the “best interests of the child.” That is why it is important to know, at the start of a custody case, what you are looking for. Those people who say “I want as much as I can get” are shooting at a nonexistent target. Instead, be focused. Know exact days, times, holidays, and vacations that you want for purposes of custody. With a clear plan of direction it is easier to measure your success, develop your plan and determine how to get there. While just saying, “enough is never enough” sounds admirable, it is not a realistic approach to take with the judge. Judges always hear, “I want as much as I can get.” You should be focused on a clear and identifiable objective and the reasons for it. For example, if you want 50% of the time then talk about why you want that, why it’s good for your child and how you can make it work. If you are asking for 50% of the time but you are on the road traveling in your job 10-15 days a month it is unlikely that you will get 50% of the time. Having a clear plan and direction will help ensure that you can develop a strategy that makes sense for you and for you child. Contact us at or call us at 505-880-8737 for further discussions about how we can help you fine tune your message to ensure you get what you are after.