Baseball and Divorce; How They Relate

Recently one of the most beloved former major league baseball players and his wife of three decades called it quits and divorced. See the news here.

You may not be a former major league player who has to worry about millions of dollars but the same problem facing Cal Ripken Jr. during a divorce is the same problem you will face during a divorce. Interestingly, the problem Cal Ripken Jr. faced also relates to baseball.

Rather ironic…So what does baseball and the divorce have in common? There is no clock. There is no time frame. The game of baseball and divorce wind their way through a process until the conclusion. What is challenging with both baseball and divorce is that they offer complexities.

The challenge many people have is the fear of the unknown. Fear of how long it might last. Fear of ever increasing challenges. Divorce is challenging enough without making your interaction with your attorney part of the problem. Traditional law promotes inefficiency and challenges. What we mean is that under the traditional law approach, families are afraid to talk to their lawyers about their case because out of fear of having to pay for every email, meeting or phone call.

Even though divorce can be challenging, Justice Legal Group has changed the way law is done. No longer do you have to worry about “how long will this take” or “am I being charged for every little conversation.” We call this our Simple Fee Guarantee. There are many things that are beyond our control when helping people through a divorce. Interactions between our attorneys and the client, however, isn’t one of them. Don’t let the challenges of the process keep you from getting the Justice you deserve.

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