How to Win a Family Law Case in 4 Easy Steps

Winning a family law case means different things to different people. “Winning” is really not even an accurate word to use. However, whenever we work with families “winning” is top of mind. Most people consider “winning” as not losing everything. Winning can mean getting more time, it may mean not losing tons of money, or maybe it means keeping the house. The bottom line is that nobody every “wins” a family law case. With that being said, here are 5 steps you can use to position yourself to find some success in your family law case.

  1. Identify goals: As mentioned, winning never really happens in a family law case. Everyone spends money and time and emotions are raw. However, go into your family law case with an idea of those objectives you want. Prioritize your goals. Is your goal to keep the house? Is your goal to get more time with the children? Is your goal to save money? Realize that no attorney can deliver every single goal, but you will increase your odds of success by defining what success looks like for you!
  2. Plan: Sports teams approach the game with a plan. Businesses conduct plans. Families plan. People make life plans. Why should your family law case proceed without a plan? Most people simply go to an attorney and then leave it in the attorney’s hands. This is what lawyers promote. While lawyers do have specialized knowledge that will help you, you must be involved in the planning of your case. Don’t go into a family law case without a plan. A plan for obtaining information. A plan for accomplishing the goals set forth in #1. Planning is vital!
  3. Time is key: Now that you have a goal and have a plan to accomplish the goal, realize that time is key. It will take time to work your case. It will take time to put your plan into action. Family law cases are not resolved overnight. Everyone is conscious of how long something takes, however, realize that you aren’t working alone. You must be aware that you have to consider the judge’s calendar and that of the other party. Your case will take time.
  4. Resolution v. Justice: Everyday we hear people who state, “I just want justice.” Although this sounds great the reality is that the family court system isn’t set up for justice. It’s set up for results. From the court’s perspective they are giving out justice. However, due to limited resources of the court, limited time and limited budgets you will not always have the benefit of getting every single fact disclosed. Justice is achievable but resolution is the ultimate objective.

These four steps will help you “win” your family law case. For more information or details pertaining to these four easy steps please contact the Justice Legal Group at 505-880-8737 or email us at