How to Save $10,000 and Immediately Improve Your Health

The best way to save money and improve your health is to avoid getting a divorce. Sure sounds simple but here are some practical tips at making this a reality. But before we give you these tips, understand why we are giving you these tips. We are a family law firm and handle all sorts of family law issues. Everyday we see fighting parents. Everyday we see the impact of divorce. We see its devastation. We see how it impacts on children. Unfortunately, divorce is very common today.

We know that we won’t eradicate divorce and we know that this article is against our own self interest. However, we believe in the relationships we develop. We don’t call ourselves divorce lawyers, but we are family lawyers. If there is a way to save a family we will first consider that. When all else fails then we fight like hell to help our clients so that they can rebuild their lives quickly and smoothly. That is why we are offering these tips on saving $10,000 and improving your health.

Tip #1: Say “I’m sorry”—so many couples end up fighting for years and over time developing a cold approach to their relationships simply by being too stubborn to say I’m sorry. Let us be so bold as to suggest saying I’m sorry even when you think the other person is at fault. The biblical proverb found in Proverbs 15:1 holds true: A kind word turns away wrath… Start by saying I’m sorry and it will disarm the other party to the point where real communication can occur. Don’t be so prideful or stubborn. Your pride may cost you $10,000 or more!

Tip #2: Listen. Don’t just hear, but listen. Consider the fact that there are two sides to every coin. Even though you have your perception about things doesn’t mean that your partner doesn’t hold equally compelling or strong feelings about their position was well. By stepping back and simply empathizing a bit through active listening you can find that common ground can be reached. Common ground that can save you years of heartache and frustration.

Tip #3: Find space: When things get heated, find space. Don’t let the heat of the moment open the door to say things you will later regret. When you go through a break up many people say “Time heals all wounds.” This is true also for the heat of the moment. Time will heal what seems to be the harshest of pains and frustrations. Take a little bit of a time out and come back to deal with the issues later once you are calmed down.

These are just a few of the tips that arise from our years of family law experience. Want to avoid divorce? Want to avoid a child custody fight? Want to avoid paying child support? Then save your health and at least $10,000 by working on your relationship. For more tips check out this article.

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