What Experts Do in Custody Cases

Custody experts are tasked with giving a recommendation to the court that outlines the best interests of the child involved in the case. To do this the custody expert employs multiple methods of gathering facts. While time and space fail us in discussing all of the methods, most experts utilize a three prong approach: tests, interviews and collateral source contacts. Tests can be standardized tests or other fact gathering tests. Often the standardized tests will help pinpoint personality “flaws” or issues that impact on parenting. Standardized tests require the expert to have a certain level of skill and knowledge in administering these tests. Interviews are also effective, but biased. Of course, each party wants their “side” to appear “right” or the “best.” For this reason the expert should rely on other, more objective evidence in gathering facts. This is where collateral source contacts come in. Contacts with coaches, other parents, teachers, therapists, etc. are vital for the fact gathering aspect of a custody case. Again, however, be aware that a custody expert has their own biases and the effective litigator can exploit that fact to their client’s benefit. Fact gathering is the foundation for a custody evaluation. If the facts are “right” then the entire premise of the recommendations will be wrong. For this reason it is vitally important that your custody case is organized and prepared in a manner to maximize your likelihood for success. Our proven method of handling experts increase our client’s chances for getting the outcome they seek. Not every attorney can or does handle a custody case properly. It’s not merely “waiting and seeing” what will happen. Instead, take control over your own future and be proactive in the process by providing the expert with the information necessary to benefit you. For more information on the custody expert contact us at 505-880-8737 or email us at info@justicelegalgroup.com.