The Use of Experts in Custody Cases

More and more frequently courts are turning to experts to assist them in making decisions regarding custody. While the use of experts has been going on for a while the challenging of experts is a rather new issue that most custody attorneys fail to recognize. More often than not, attorneys simply go along with the recommendations of the court appointed expert. Why? Usually because the attorney is not well versed in the process of challenging a court appointed expert. Granted, courts like their own experts, but that does not mean that the expert is given a blank slate to make recommendations without following appropriately set guidelines and law. This is why those involved in custody battles need to be certain of their attorney’s experience in challenging the custody expert. The Justice Legal Group advocates for parents who are fighting for their most prized asset—their children. Our group of attorneys have lots of experience in challenging custody experts. Do not just sit back and think that the custody expert’s decision is a forgone conclusion that will automatically be adopted by the court. Use the law and the facts to make sure that the expert lives up to the required standards for conducting custody evaluations and making recommendations. Whether it is a challenge to the expert’s credentials or experience, or whether the challenge requires more of a fight on the actual recommendations knowing how to maneuver these challenging issues can make or break a custody case. When you need results. When you need justice. When you need answers. Contact the Justice Legal Group. We can help you fight the recommendations of a Custody expert in your case. Contact us at 505-880-8737 or email us at