What Do You Want to Accomplish in Your Divorce, Custody or Child Support Case?

Whenever you experience a family law situation you should start by asking “what do I want to accomplish?” What is the goal? This sounds pretty easy…I want to win custody…I want to reduce my child support…I want to keep the house…and so on. However, those answers don’t really answer the question. To get the best possible outcome and to make the most rational decision it’s important to deconstruct the issue that is presented.

Let’s take the issue of custody, for example. Most lawyers will ask if you want custody. However, the question doesn’t dig deep enough. What exactly do you mean by custody? To some people it means more time. To others it means more decision making authority. To others it just means getting a special holiday.

We’ve represented clients in family law cases for over 20 years. During that time we’ve come to know that the person’s desire goes deeper than the first answer. Why is deconstructing a question/goal important? It allows for the client to really get to the heart of their issue. It allows for discovery to be specialized to those issues and it offers a framework for rational decision making. That is why we believe it’s important to go deeper than just what is on the surface to get to the heart of the matter. Ultimately it will save time, money and emotion.

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