Is Family Law Rational?

If you ask most people whether they are rational they will answer with “yes.” However, when it comes to family law most rationality is challenged. This provides a lawyer an opportunity to really dig deep into the motivating factors behind the decisions that make up a person’s family law case. Whether it’s custody, child support or divorce, most family law lawyers find it difficult to guide clients into rational decision making.

Here is how our firm employs DivorcEnomics™ to help clients make rational decisions throughout the course of their family law case. The first step is to recognize that the issues of family law involve emotionally charged issues. Break up of a relationship…fear of loss of a child…fear of loss of money all impact on the person’s mindset when they are making decisions. The key is to find where the emotions intersect with the rational. That is what we call the hot spot. The place where a person sees the rational side of things without sacrificing their emotion.

This is can be done by exploring the various outcome possibilities for a client. Based on those outcomes we measure the options available for accomplishing the outcomes. Then we prioritize each of these. Based on this prioritization process a client can see where their emotional thinking may be taking over more than the rational side. We do not want clients to be free from emotional thought but simply recognize that decisions are jaded and clouded by emotions so that such decisions can be made in the context of rational thinking. We find that this empowers clients and helps the control their own future.

We have a special, proprietary system that helps us analyze, measure and identify the rational and emotional decisions so that a person can experience an outcome that maximizes their happiness. To learn more about how you can make rational decisions in family law contact us at or call us at 505-880-8737.