The Secret Ingredients for a Family Law Case!

Every chef has secret ingredients for their sauce. That is what makes their dish so special. Likewise, we have a secret sauce…it’s called our process.

Over the course of more than 20 years of practicing family law throughout the United States, we have learned a lot about how courts work While every case is different, every case is also similar. Because of these similarities, we were able to develop a proprietary system that will move your case through the confusion of Family Court.

All cases require some basic work: things like financial information, information about children, assets, etc. We’ve taken the legal process in the court and mirrored our processes with the way the court will move your case. As a result we work with you as a team to develop the evidence that is needed to get the outcome to your particular, unique case. What this means to you is that you will meet with our attorneys and staff frequently. This is not a spectator sport. Unlike other firms and attorneys who pretend to know more than you…We are aware that we aren’t living your life. That is why we utilize a team approach to each and every case with you helping to lead the team with your lead attorney.

We are confident that you will find our process engaging, enlightening and empowering. Gone are the days where lawyers “tell” clients how everything will work. That is why we’ve seen so much success with our approach and process called DivorcEnomics™. You can learn more about our proven process by clicking over to our DivorcEnomics™ page.

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