jlg_internal_imageDivorcEnomics™ is our proprietary decision analysis method. Specifically, DivorcEnomics™ finds value in concealed human behavior.

Everything about the family law process is about decision making. For people going through a family law challenge, they must make decisions on whether to settle or whether to litigate. They must choose options to maximize their outcomes without spending outrageous amounts of money. For attorneys in the process there is a constant need to try and guess and maneuver against the other side in an effort to position our clients for the best outcome. Of course, decisions are also made by the judges with input from Guardian ad Litems, custody experts and other experts that are appointed by the court. Since so much of the outcomes in a case are dependent on the decisions that are made at all levels, doesn’t it make sense to find value in the concealed human behavior that impacts on decision making?

No decision is ever 100% accurate, especially when those decisions pertain to unknown future events or situations. Yet that is what Judges must do in the family law context. They must take information and make a decision based on what may happen in the future. With our unique approach of DivorcEnomics™, we use scientifically based lawyering to reduce uncertainties and minimize the risk of loss for our clients and help Judges feel more certain about their decisions. The law provides parameters for parents, families and judges. Science gives us a way to measure probable outcomes within the legal parameters. This gives clients the ability to make the best informed decisions. DivorcEnomics™ helps us persuade Judges with rational, legally and scientifically based arguments.

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