The Battle of Dunkirk and Your Family Law Case

The Battle of Dunkirk was a famous battle in World War II. A popular movie is being released about the battle. The Battle occurred between Allied forces and Nazi Germany. You can find more information about the battle at this link: Battle of Dunkirk.

Like that war, many people going through the Family Court system treat their case like a war. Whether a case involves custody, child support, divorce, etc, most families end up with a sort of scorched earth policy, similar to the all out assault that occurred in World War II. Such an approach, however, fails to consider the long term implications of a full out assault.

Here is an example of how this situation plays out countless times in Family Court. Assume a father wants more time with a child and asserts that fact during a divorce. The mother does not want the father to have this extra time so the mother raises all sorts of dirty laundry to be used against father. Father, in turn, pulls out the dirty laundry on mother. Mother responds by trying to hurt the father on the financial end of things. Father responds in kind. The downward spiral continues. The child gets trapped in the middle and the couple create deep emotional wounds that may take years to heal.

The exact same scenario that occurs in war. There is a better way to approach the conflict that won’t result in the war torn approach. In our example, consider the impact of a less adversarial approach. Maybe give a little on the financial side to gain a little on the custody side. Maybe consider utilizing mediation or arbitration. Most importantly, remember the long term impact of the decisions being made now.

With history as your guide, be cognizant of how you choose to battle in family court. The decisions could be disastrous for years to come. If you would like to discuss how you can do your case differently then contact our Family Law Experts at 505-880-8737 or email us at