New Year, New Family?

2017 is finally here! In terms of your family the New Year gives you a great time to assess, plan and strategize your goals for your family in the upcoming year. We often hear about goals and planning for weight loss, career and other popular areas, but we don’t hear too much about planning and goal setting for your family. With this in mind here are some topics of interest that we see in a busy family law practice that are pertinent for strategizing about 2017 and setting family goals.

  1. Get your economic house in order. It’s never fun to have to raise issues in court. However, many people, both men and women, leave money on the table when it comes to family planning. Every year you should assess your current financial obligations in terms of child support, spousal support and property division settlements. Under New Mexico law, child support and spousal support (generally) can be modified. This means that you should take a good look to see if you are overpaying, underpaying or if circumstances have changed to assess your obligations and responsibilities.
  2. Realize what is important to your children. This time of year we just came out of traditional “family” time. Parents with children, children with families, etc. It’s a wonderful time of year. Yet, throughout the year your children need you much more than just during Christmas time. They need the input of both mom and dad in their lives. What this means is that you should consider and evaluate if your child is of the age where additional time or modification of time should occur. Be realistic on your obligation and desire. Be understanding of your child’s age. Most importantly be there for your children!
  3. Be Happy. Happiness is often so elusive. Take stock of your life. This is a perfect season to do that. Take inventory of bad habits, relationships and negative thoughts that bring you down all year. Take steps to correct mistakes. Take steps to change course. Realize that life is short and so take advantage of the reflective time and assess what needs to be changed in your family life, both good and bad.

Best wishes to you in the New Year. If you want to discuss or assess your family plan for 2017 then contact us at or call us at 505-880-8737.