Settlement…Why it can Help?

Many people say “I’ll fight till the end.” Then they proceed to take years of litigation and thousands of dollars to find resolution. Most people are familiar with alternative dispute resolution that can take the form of mediation, settlement facilitation or arbitration. But how can settlement help? Doesn’t it mean that you are giving up? The short answer is “no!” What does “giving up” mean in the context of a family law case? Well generally it means that you are willing to move away from your expected position. This is often very challenging in family law because the stakes are so high. Children, house, retirement, cash flow, pets are all emotional issues that impact on a person’s willingness to “give up.” However, the challenge isn’t to see it as giving up as much as moving expectations.

For over twenty years we have represented people who are entrenched in their position. However, an unwillingness to move or shift expectations often cause emotional turmoil and thousands of dollars. We never tell clients to give up, but we do challenge clients to shift their perspective on one or more issues by trying to help frame issues in the context of something that makes sense for our clients. We are not looking to drag out cases. We are looking for resolution. We are not emotionally involved and for that reason offer an expertise that can help someone make a logical decision instead of an emotional one. To learn more on how we can assist you in saving money, time and heart ache contact our expert attorneys at Justice Legal Group.

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