How to Move Your Case Faster

We are often asked “What can I do to move my case faster?” To answer this question one must understand the various factors that go into answering this question. First, there is the court’s docket and calendar. That is something that we have no control over. The court is usually handling over 1000 cases by one person. This means that there are long delays and challenges associated with moving quickly.

Second, the complexities of your case will dictate the speed of the case. A case where there are no children and no major assets will move quickly than a case that involves the valuation of a business, division of several retirement accounts and complex custody concerns. Thus, the complexities of a case determine how fast the case can move.

Finally, the amount of fighting also impacts on how fast a case can move. The more contentious the longer a case will take. So what are the take aways from this analysis? Well to move your case more quickly be willing to negotiate. This will remove the case from the court’s clogged docket. Be willing to involve experts to help on complex issues. Finally, assess your position and be willing to forgo the fight where appropriate. To help you move your case more quickly contact the experienced family law attorneys of Justice Legal Group.

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