How to Screw Up Your Marriage – Step 2 – Infidelity

This method has stood the test of time, ruining marriages for thousands of years. So if you want to drive a nail into the coffin of your nuptials, take my excellent advice and screw up your marriage with infidelity.

Start with Micro cheating. A fantastic way to dip your toes into the pool of adultery while being able to claim, “I’m just a friendly person. Stop acting crazy.”

Form a close friendship with a person of the opposite sex at your workplace. Ask their advice on personal matters and make sure you always complain to them about your spouse’s faults. An important step not to miss here is to inform your spouse how close you and this person are, that they give excellent relationship advice, are lovely, and ultimately get you.

Put a password on your phone and carry it on you at all times. Hide the fact you talk outside of work from your spouse. When they start to get paranoid or asks to see your phone, refuse them access and start a fight about how their lack of trust is a massive issue in the marriage.

While waiting for your work best friend to text you photos of their latest shopping trip to bras and things for your opinion on their purchases, pass the time scrolling Instagram and Facebook. Make sure you add all the cute, young, attractive people you can and like or double-tap their obvious thirst trap photos. If you have your top game going, add your spouse’s relative like their brother, sister, or close cousin and make flirty comments under their pictures. Draw the attention away from the one with whom you are building an emotional bond.

If you are following my advice so far, you’re ready. At this point, you can start telling your spouse you are doing extra shifts at work and needed for more work trips away. These excuses give you more free time to spend with your side piece; if you have played your cards right, you are in a full-blown adulterous affair.

Welcome to marriage Jamunji, where the slightest slip-up can trigger any number of disasters. For example, coming home from your office job freshly showered or coming home smelling like an expensive perfume, you would never waste good money buying for your spouse.

If your spouse suddenly notices you are spending more time on your appearances. Please make sure you turn it on them by saying at least one of you is trying to be attractive, and maybe if they did the same, you might want to spend more time at home. Remember, everything you are doing is their fault in one way or another. Drive that point home.

Eventually, they will catch you or go crazy and leave. Most people will not tolerate or forgive infidelity if you are all in for screwing up your marriage; this sure-fire method is the quickest and most proven method so far.