Legal Technicians in New Mexico

Paralegals who draft divorce documents. Former, disbarred attorneys handling mediations. These are just some of the examples of legal “professionals” who hold themselves out as providing a service. Calls are being made to identify these legal technicians and somehow regulate their conduct in association with the services they provide.

The struggle, however, is real, for people who are affected by the services or lack thereof by such technicians. There is a reason why nurse practitioners cannot operate on patients. We, as a society, want and expect the services of such professionals to meet a set standard of professional reasonableness. The same is true for lawyers and these so called “legal technicians.” Such individuals are not attorneys. They are not trained or licensed to practice law. Nevertheless, there is a growing number of such people who offer services at a fraction of the cost of attorneys. Attorneys must carry professional malpractice insurance. These non-licensed individuals do not. Attorneys have professional standards to follow when drafting documents or handling legal issues. These non-licensed individuals do not.

While costs are always a factor, beware of non-licensed professionals who will deliver a service. These individuals cannot and do not attest to the quality of services rendered. If you are in need of legal assistance contact our professionally trained and licensed attorneys at 505-880-8737 or by email at