Abortion and the Family

Abortion remains a hotly debated topic. What happens, however, when abortion intersects with family law? Currently, such considerations are non starters. A woman’s body is her body and her decision. We have seen fathers who want to stop an abortion from occurring thwarted in their approach on the basis of the law. The purpose of this blog isn’t to argue one way or the other but to explore the viability of abortion laws and the impact on the family. Should the father have a say in this decision? If so, how can that be viewed or enforced? Since the woman is carrying the baby/fetus should the father’s input be the same as the woman’s? What about certain considerations for health or safety? What about gestation periods? All of these questions raise complicated but serious legal ramifications that are still unsettled in most states. Currently, the status quo remains that it is the woman’s body and thus her decision…under the law.

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