How to Screw Up Your Marriage – Step 10 – Marry Too Young

If you think about it, marriage is a contract requiring a mature meeting of the minds. If you want to screw up your marriage, set yourself up for success by getting married when you are too young or too immature.

There are a few reasons that this method works well. First, marrying too young allows you to rush into a very serious relationship. By rushing into a serious relationship, you can overlook red flags that will undoubtedly have a big impact on your marriage. Not only that, you can skip getting to know your partner and get right to the big commitment. Years later, when you learn about fundamental incompatibilities between you and your partner, you can thank your younger self for their decision-making skills (or lack thereof). Also, by marrying before you are mature enough, you might not have enough real-world experience to recognize that you and your partner are not a good fit. Simply put, you were probably kind of dumb a few years ago, or at least dumber than you are now. Utilize that lack of experience to lock yourself into one of life’s most serious commitments. Some people say when you find the person, you never look back. By using this technique, you’ll be sure to pretty much only ever look back. If you marry too young, you and your partner may be naive or underestimate how challenging certain strains on the marriage will be. Don’t worry about that if you want to screw up your marriage. Blindly assume that your partner will eventually come to terms with the fact that you don’t want to have kids, or that in time, they won’t care that you don’t want to convert. Leave it up to chance and get married anyway.

Marrying too young also has a high likelihood of causing you to resent your partner or regret your marriage, both things to strive for if you want to screw up your marriage. If you marry too young, you might miss out on important milestones and move into an entirely different stage of life while skipping over several others. You’ll probably wonder what you missed out on or feel tied down. Either way, if you allow these feelings to simmer unchecked, you’ll quickly get your marriage to a boiling point. Additionally, if you’ve always wanted to have at least a second husband or wife, marry young. If your first wedding wasn’t everything you hoped it would be, marry young to guarantee yourself a do-over.