How To Create a Child Support Defense that Works!

Child support is the law. Not only is it the law but it’s morally right. Parents need to support their children. But…there are times in which the law is used as a sword against a person unfairly. Take, for example, a parent who has been denied access to a child for years but expected to pay for a child he/she didn’t even know about? Or, a child support order that is entered without using the proper number? These, as well as other examples, occur every single day. The Justice Legal Group leads the way in fighting for those who are being unfairly treated when it comes to child support obligations. That is why we always look at 3 aspects of any child support case that will help someone create a strong child support defense.

  1. Numbers: The numbers are key to a child support obligation. What this means is that we look closely at the child support figures used on the worksheet. Too often “guesses” are made that result in obscenely high child support awards. Know the numbers and you will know the results.
  2. Justice: Justice means fairness. Did the court act fairly in the circumstances? Why should a parent who has been kept away from a child be obligated to enrich the other parent for wrong doing? This is just unfair and New Mexico law allows the court to look at the circumstances and do justice for the parent and the child.
  3. Deviation: Did you know that the court has the power to “deviate” from the statutory guidelines? This is a little used trick that allows the court to modify a child support obligation based on the hardship that is created from a child support award. We always look to see if the circumstances warrant a deviation from the guidelines.

These tips, along with others are used by our firm to help our clients create a child support defense that works. If you are feeling the pinch of child support then contact one of our child support attorneys at 505-880-8737 or email us at