3 Secrets to Winning a Child Custody Case

Not all law firms are created equally. Most law firms will take the “hands off approach.” This means that you give the information, they file the motions and then whatever will be will be. We believe in a better way. We believe in a calculated approach that helps our clients win their child custody case. Here are three secrets we use to help clients win custody.

  1. Plan – At the beginning of a case we develop a plan. We plan on how to handle the problems of the custody case. We plan on how we can find the evidence that we need. We plan on how to address our strengths and weaknesses. Without a plan for your custody case you will lose!
  2. We chop down the tree – What this means is that you won’t win custody, generally, with just one hearing or one step. It takes time and preparation. Winning your custody case is about doing all of the small things correctly over a period of time. This benefits you, the parent, and the child over the long haul. Each step of the plan is designed to take you one step closer to chopping down the tree.
  3. We consider the child – Judges hear custody cases every single day. They are used to hearing parent A say why parent B is so bad and vice versa. We take a different approach. Of course we have to point out the weaknesses of the other side, but our focus is child focused. This means that sometimes we have to tell our clients to do something or stop doing something. This means that we look at what is best for the child. Doing what is best for the child doesn’t always equate in doing exactly what a parent wants, but we work together to come to an understanding of what the court wants, but more importantly, what the child needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our secrets at winning custody cases for those we work with then contact one of our child custody attorneys at 505-880-8737 or email us at info@JusticeLegalGroup.com.