What Worksheet to Use in Child Support

There are two types of child support worksheets in NM. Worksheet A and Worksheet B bring a lot of fights to court. Here are the basics of which worksheet to use: worksheet A is used when the noncustodial parent has the child less than 35% of the time while worksheet B is used when the noncustodial parent has the child more than 35% of the time. As a general rule the more time a parent has with the child the less they pay in ongoing child support.

There is another factor that is “ripe” for litigation. The statute also indicates that worksheet B is used for this sort of time sharing and the other parent is “significantly sharing in the duties, responsibilities and obligations or parenting.” What this means is really unknown, but we have successfully argued that worksheet B shouldn’t apply if the other, noncustodial parent isn’t involved in making decisions or undertaking any of the obligations of parenting. Deciding which worksheet applies can be a significant factor in the amount of child support gets paid.

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