What is the Goal of a Custody Case?

This seems obvious…to win custody. But if you understand the goal of a custody case from the court’s perspective then you can plan your case better. While you are in a custody fight you certainly want to “win” custody the goal of a custody case for the court is two fold. One is to determine the best interests of the child and the other is to resolve the matter.

Let’s explore these two concepts. Over the next two blogs we will address each of these thoughts. Not only is it important for you to plan your case to help you obtain your goal in a custody case, but you also need to know the perspective of the court when handling custody claims. This is even more important when you consider that court’s don’t really care about your goal or the other side’s goal. Therefore, in every custody case there are three considerations that drive how you approach the case: 1. Your goals and perspectives; 2. The other side’s goals and perspectives and; 3. The court’s goals and perspectives.

When you take into consideration there are really 3 views you need to have you can put together a custody case that is strong and solid. We will explore the court’s perspective in the next two blogs. If you need additional assistance with your custody case then contact the experts at Justice Legal Group by calling us at 505-407-0573 or email us at info@justicelegalgroup.com.