Using an IEP for Your Custody Case

The school year has started and many children who are pulled during a contentious custody case often suffer in the classroom. For children who have learning disabilities or who are undergoing some emotional stress the school will create an IEP. Under the law and IEP has to be created in certain situations for certain students. IEP stands for an individualized education plan. This is an educational plan that is created through a team effort and is reviewed periodically. An IEP defines the individualized objectives of a child who has been determined to have a disability as defined by federal law. An IEP can offer insight for contentious custody situations and allow parents the opportunity to strategize in their custody case.

While an IEP is meant to assist a child with their educational goals, savvy parents can translate the educational programs to most areas of life for the child. For example, if a child is determined to need a more structured environment than a parent can translate that need in the classroom to the need at home and for a time sharing and custody arrangement. Using an IEP in a custody case requires deep insight experience and involves many complexities. However this federally mandated requirement may offer a great strategy to parents who are trying to overcome contentious custody situations.

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