When two parents decide to separate, they must specify with whom the child will live with and which parents they will visit. Often times parents are able to come to an agreement amongst themselves or with the help of an attorney or mediator. However, if they’re unable to reach a decision, a child custody case is filed and taken to court. Child custody is often the most challenging area of family law. Being that a child is the center of the agreement, many emotions are involved, making it difficult for parents to negotiate. The court makes its decision based on what it concludes is best for the child. Being able to properly present your case and prove why you’re a fit parent is essential and requires the work of an experienced child custody lawyer in Albuquerque. The Justice Legal Group handles some of the most contentious and challenging child custody cases. This is because of our aggressive and unique team approach to winning custody for parents. We’re dedicated to helping you get the time with your child you deserve, so you can continue you to love them the way you intended, unconditionally.

Joint Custody

Most New Mexico courts find that joint custody is in the best interest of the child. This means that both parents spend time with the child, are involved with them, and make legal decisions for the child in 5 areas; school, health, religion, residence, and recreational activities. Joint custody does not assume equal time. How time is divided and other child custody factors will be partly influenced by a psychologist or counselor, who evaluate both the child and parents.

Sole Custody

Sole custody means that only one parent is responsible for making decisions of anything concerning the child. Though it is difficult to obtain this type of custody, some factors that may implement is are drug abuse, child abuse, serious criminal issues, and domestic violence.

Expert Child Custody Lawyers in Albuquerque

Majority of child custody cases come down to one thing – time sharing. This means how much time a child will spend with each parent. Again, time sharing is determined based on what constitutes the best interest of the child but because there is no set definition of this, the decision is left to the courts. The court will consider a variety of things to determine how time is divided amongst the parents including but not limiting, domestic violence, age of child, involvement in the past, developmental advancement of child, mental and financial needs, and the ability of the parents to provide. The Justice Legal Group thoroughly assesses your case then advocates for you, exhibiting all your best assets and interest to get you and your child the justice you deserve, and the time you deserve.

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