Things to do After the Final Decree

Many people think about how to handle divorce or custody or child support issues during the pendency of a case. However, few people give consideration to what happens after the Final decree. Here are some things for you to consider once your final decree is entered:

  1. If your decree changed your name, contact the Social Security Office and other relevant government entities to notify them of your change.
  2. Change your life insurance.
  3. Change your passwords.
  4. Change your beneficiary on your retirements or finalize the QDRO for dividing the retirement plans.
  5. Refinance when possible to cut off any ties with your ex spouse.
  6. Annually exchange financial information. This is especially true if you are receiving or paying child support or alimony.

These are a few of the items that many people fail to consider when addressing their post divorce life. For further assistance in these or other areas contact the experts at Justice Legal Group.

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