The Best Way to Save $10,000 in Your Family Law Case

It’s no surprise that family law attorneys are expensive. Many people complain of the ever increasing attorney fees in their family law situation. There is a better way.

Here is one strategy to save $10,000 in your family law situation. It’s called settlement facilitation. It’s also known as mediation. While not necessarily the same, most people associate both concepts the as the same…the parties get together to resolve their dispute.

Settlement facilitation is a great way to utilize the experience of a litigator who can come in as a neutral party and give both sides a likely outcome on all or some of the issues that are at dispute between the parties. If you consider that an average litigated case can take up to 18 months and well in excess of $10,000, settlement facilitation becomes a very attractive option.

One day of settlement facilitation can cost as little as $1000 for the facilitator (split between the parties), plus your attorney fees for the day. You find out what the likely outcome of your case will be without the hassle of waiting for court. Settlement facilitation can also help remove the extreme emotions associated with a family law case.

Our attorneys are appointed by the court to serve as settlement facilitators. If you want more information on this great strategy to save money in your family law case then contact us at or call us at 505-880-8737.