Who is Responsible for Custody During School

School has started. Summer is over. With children returning to school many custody pitfalls associated with schooling issues will once again arise. Issues like school vacation days, parent/teacher conferences and access to information are all areas where custody issues often arise. One area where custody disputes often arise is in the interpretation of a custody order pertaining to custody rights. Often times a custody order will outline periods of responsibility for each parent. For example and order may say that father has the child from Wednesday through Sunday every other week. The other time periods are there in awarded to mother. In a situation like this there is often confusion over who has custody rights at certain time periods. Does father have custody rights on the every other Wednesday? Or is that mothers period of responsibility? This sort of ambiguity is why it is important to make sure that your parenting plan as well defined through the appropriate court orders. Parents can avoid claims of alienation and orders to show cause for violation of court order simply by making sure that the language is tight and Crisp in the custody order. Some tips to help ensure that you do not fall into the ambiguity that arises in court orders is set for us as follows.

1. Make sure your court order is clearly written.
2. Make sure that regardless of periods of responsibility that your contact information is with the school
3. Get involved in your child’s school so that you are aware of things that are going on regardless of whether it’s your period of responsibility.
4. If there are any questions as to who is responsible during a certain period of time ask the school to inform both parents so that both parents are adequately advised of the important aspects of their child’s education.

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