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Paternity lawyers in Albuquerque understand that during a paternity case there are many factors that impact on the decision of custody. A paternity case is one in which there is a dispute over custody of a child that was born outside of marriage. Like a traditional custody case the paternity case winds its way through the court system by having the court hear the evidence and make a decision as to what is in the best interests of the child when it comes to custody issues. Similarly, the parents of a child born outside of marriage often dispute over the custody split in a paternity action. Such decisions are significant as custody resolution impacts on the outcome of child support and arrearages. Here are a few of the considerations the court will look at in making a determination about custody in a paternity case.

  1. The desires of the parents. This consideration is found in the custody statutes of New Mexico that are used in Albuquerque paternity cases. It’s fairly self explanatory in that the court does want to know what each party desires when it comes to the issue of custody in a paternity case.
  2. The desires of the child: This consideration is dependent on many circumstances. While the experience of our paternity lawyers shows us that courts will consider the desires of all children, the statute on custody issues really only requires that the court must consider the desires of children over the age of 14. Thus, when you speak to a paternity lawyer in Albuquerque make sure you advise as to the age of the child involved in the paternity case.
  3. The child’s attachments. This consideration focuses on the best interests of the child. How attached is the child to mom? To dad? To school? To other important relationships? All of these considerations demonstrate that the goal of this consideration is to get to the heart of what ultimately is in the best interests of the child during the paternity case.
  4. The willingness to cooperate. How well do the parents in a paternity case get along? The better the parents can cooperate the better it is for the child in a paternity action. The more contentious the parents then the more challenges the child will usually face.
  5. The existence of domestic violence. The statute on custody as it pertains to a paternity case requires the court to consider the safety issues involved in domestic violence allegations. Therefore, if domestic violence is an issue in your case then make sure you consult with a paternity lawyer familiar with the impact such factors have on paternity cases.

A knowledgeable, experienced paternity lawyer in Albuquerque is one who understands the interplay of these various factors and others as it pertains to the ultimate outcome of the paternity case. Contact our expert paternity lawyers who can assist you with custody, child support and arrearage issues. You can reach our paternity lawyers in Albuquerque by calling 505-880-8737 or by emailing us at

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