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Paternity in Albuquerque cases can be confusing. Technically a paternity case involves several issues involving a child not born of a marriage. Whenever a child is born of a marriage and a divorce occurs the matter is handled as a custody case under the custody laws. Similarly a paternity case involves the custody of a child when the parents are not married. There are many similarities between a custody case in a divorce and a paternity. Another name for a paternity case is also a parentage action, which is built off of the statute called the Uniform Parentage Act.

Paternity attorneys in Albuquerque are familiar with the complexities that specially arise in a paternity case. These complexities include the determination of custody, the determination of child support and the determination of child support arrearages. The basis for the ongoing child support and the arrearages, however, are all based on the outcome of the paternity case pertaining to custody of the child.

That is why it is important for a person faced with a paternity case in Albuquerque to seek out the advice and assistance of an Albuquerque paternity attorney. The paternity attorney can help you assess and analyze the various options pertaining to the custody issues involving the child and the impact of the custody issues on the other factors of child support and arrearages.

Paternity attorneys review and analyze the legal requirements under the Parentage Act. One difference between a parentage case involving paternity that isn’t present in a traditional custody case in a divorce is the potential conflict that arises when there is uncertainty as to who the biological parents are of the child. The law in the paternity realm provides some clear direction on how paternity can be established.

For example, if a child is born during marriage then it is presumed that the parties to the marriage are the parents of the child. However, when there is no marriage, the law provides for the performance of paternity testing to ascertain the identify of the biological parent(s). There are other ways to establish a presumption of paternity that is also outlined in the parentage statute.

That is why if you are faced with a custody case that occurs outside of marriage then it is important to find a paternity attorney in Albuquerque that can guide, direct and advise you in the minefield of paternity law. To talk to one of our custody experts in the area of paternity contact the Justice Legal Group at 505-880-8737 or email us at

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